Subliminal MP3s

subliminal-mp3sYou’ve probably heard of subliminal message, but have you heard to subliminal MP3s? The brain is the most fascinating organ in your body. Being the most fascinating, it is also the most influential. Whatever influences your brain makes who you are.

The beliefs, characteristics, attitudes, and habits that you have are due to what you allow your brain to absorb. It has the capacity to process 40 million different pieces of information each second. With this in mind, you can learn to “hack your brain” so you can use it for your full advantage.

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Subliminal messages are means of tapping your subconscious mind. The conscious-versus-subconscious proportion of your brain is like a floating iceberg. The conscious is just the tip of the iceberg that is visible. The larger subconscious is hidden, but has effects way beyond our comprehension. Subliminal messages aim to teach and train your subconscious. By doing this, you can do things that at first may seem impossible.

Things like improving your concentration, achieving higher grades, losing weight, cutting on vices, and gaining more confidence are some of the hard goals in life. Do you have similar goals like these? If you find them so hard to achieve, it is because your conscious mind is telling you many things that go against these aims of yours.

Subliminal messages are here to help. They come in different forms. There are three ways that can expose your brain to positive thoughts and feelings. These are through video flashes, note cards, and MP3s. Video flashes are those placed in your computer screens. They show positive notes every now and then. You place note cards in places you frequent at home or in your office. The most effective means of absorbing subliminal messages is through MP3s.

Listening to these affirmative messages all day will result to less stress, more positive outlook, fresher feelings, more relaxed breathing, and an over-all energetic and enjoyable day.

You can play these MP3s and listen to them while you are doing your morning routines, running through your house chores, or working on your hobby. These subliminal messages will create new pathways in your brain. The repetitive audios will instill helpful things that once created in your memory, will develop lasting effects.

There are times when listening to subliminal MP3s is discouraged. Don’t listen to these audios when doing things that need concentration like driving or doing surgery. The best time to listen to these subconscious messages is a few hours before you sleep. Sleeping allows the subconscious to operate on its own.

There are many downloadable subliminal MP3s. When choosing which ones to listen, consider your goal. Find the best audios that produce a clearer mind and relaxed feelings. Listen. Repeat. Listen. Repeat. Researchers said that most subliminal messages work best after four weeks of listening to them. Others need up to 90 days before they can see obvious results.

Clear your mind from the past that hinders your improvement and success. Subliminal MP3s are here to help you re-think, re-format, and re-build who you are. But please, speak to a professional medical or mental health practitioner before trying anything new out. We’re not doctors, and this isn’t medical or health advice.