New Binaural Beats Headband Helps You Sleep at Night

Binaural Beats Head BandA new headband called the Sleep Shepherd claims to help you sleep better at night through the use of brain tracking technology and low frequency beats.

Some know these beats as binaural beats and they’re purported to help influence your brain’s activity while listening to them.

You wear the headband as you’re getting ready to sleep and the device which looks kind of comfortable, but maybe not, will play different frequencies through the binaural beats to help put you in a meditative state. This has apparently been proven to happen via these different beats.

Michael Larson is the inventor of the head band and the company is based in Colorado. And the inventor says it can help people who have trouble sleeping at night improve their z’s.

The device plays a couple of different low frequencies in each ear. This produces a perceived pulsing in the brain’s auditory system and can help affect the brain’s activity.

That effect is what actually is supposed to put the brain and rest of body into a “sleepy” state. The band can also monitor your sleep patterns and upload the data to an app that is additionally available.

The device costs about $159 and the company is currently looking to fund development further.

Binaural beats and the effect they have on the brain is not a new concept. The beats have been around in various forms for years and some people love them, while others say they don’t notice a difference.

But there is talk that there have been significant improvements in the area of audio brain wave manipulation and entertainment. How well this particular device works is yet to be seen.

If you’ve ever tried binaural beats or this particular product, let us know in the comments what your experience was. We’d love to hear from you.

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