Music Therapy Shown to Help Brain Injury

Music Therapy and the BrainIn more “music and the brain” news, recently a young girl with a brain injury in Georgia was treated with musical therapy. And the results were quite surprising.

A young 7 year old girl was in a devastating Christmas time car accident that led to a serious brain injury. She’s had many forms of therapy and 6 brain surgeries to help her recover.

But therapists are also using a non-traditional therapy to help the young girl recover from her injuries and treatments.

When awaking from a coma, the young girl – named Brianna – could not move at all including opening her eyes. So they focused at first on trying to get her eyes to open. They didn’t expect her to be able to move until days later.

But when they played her favorite song – Dance and Pop hit “Nae Nae” – something incredible happened. She raised her arm as if she was trying to dance. And this, the therapists, say is the power of music on the brain and body.

In fact the first mouthing of words little Brianna did was to her favorite song. Brianna was discharged from the hospital, and definitely has a long road on the way to recovery ahead, but this is an amazing leap forward, thanks for the healing power of Music.

Have you had any similar experiences to Brianna’a? How has music helped you in your life. Has if impacted your physical existence or your brain’s ability to work?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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