About Us

the-fucked-up-crewThanks for visiting The Fucked Up crew – we’re a bunch of musicians who formed a band to write great music that not only inspires you emotionally, but also helps you improve physically.

Whether that’s to do with working out to our music, or meditating to it, we hope that you can find some sort of fulfillment through our art. We also love to share news and views on the impact of music on our society, and ourselves.

One area of interest that has always captivated the members of our Hip-Hop and R&B group is the impact of music on a person’s brain. From binaural beats to subliminal MP3s and how learning to play music can make you smarter – we love what the beauty of sonics represent to humanity.

We’ll share our latest posts as soon as we can, and we’ll direct you to awesome products that can help you achieve your goals.

Thanks again for visiting! Feel free to contact us or leave us comments on this blog!