Monthly Archives: March 2016

Hidden Messages in Kendrick’s New Album?

Subliminal messaging in music used to be a pretty hot topic back in the 70’s and 80’s. People thought that the most popular rock bands hid messages in their music that would control the listener’s mind. A ton of people … Continue reading

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New Binaural Beats Headband Helps You Sleep at Night

A new headband called the Sleep Shepherd claims to help you sleep better at night through the use of brain tracking technology and low frequency beats. Some know these beats as binaural beats and they’re purported to help influence your … Continue reading

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Music Literally Fuels Your Brain

The National Institutes for Health have conducted a study about how music affects the brain. But not just any type of musical experience. The study looked at how playing a musical instrument actually affects the maturation of the brain. It … Continue reading

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