How to Find the Best R&B Beats Beats For Sale

Most singers, rappers and aspiring musicians are looking out for instrumentals, music and background beats they can incorporate into their music compositions. Since many websites offer this service to buy R&B beats online is, therefore, the most convenient way of acquiring music for professional use. However, before venturing into these sites consider some factors.
Among the top considerations that should be made is ensuring that you make the purchase for this service from a producer that is credible. The commercial music pitch is full of scams hence one must be careful. Presence of swindlers that sell pirated or stolen music to unsuspected people should not be undermined. It is important to know that use of such music will land you into problems even if you were not aware of the source initially.
This is why you need to buy your music from a legitimate site. In case you are wondering how to identify a genuine one you can do background search about the owner of a particular site since such information is always availed by authentic sites. This way you will avoid fraudsters.
Besides, it is essential that you go by a budget. Owing to low costs in which these pieces come, it is easy to overspend when performing an online purchase. To ensure that you save some cash, it is advisable to get these pieces from online sites that sell the hits as package deals, or rather in bulk. Nonetheless, it is essential that you decide on how much you want to spend on the hits before developing an online purchase plan. maxresdefault
Remember, there are two kinds of hits for sale, the exclusive and non-exclusive. It is of great essence being knowledgeable of the difference before purchasing hits online. In case you purchase an exclusive R&B beat, then it implies that you have the sole ownership of that music. Upon making this purchase, the website owner will immediately remove it from his site.
With the non-exclusive hits, the R&B beats can be owned by lost of people. As anticipated, the exclusive hits will cost more that the non- exclusive ones. For those with a tight budget and little concern on uniqueness, going for a non-exclusive hit will be highly recommended.
When you buy R&B beats online, it is essential that you receive a licensing agreement which is printable once the purchase is made. The license spells out clearly what can and cannot be done with the beat. In case another party questions your usage of the R&B beat, the agreement acts as a defense tool.
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How The Superior Singing Method Helps People Sing Better

superior-singing-mthod-reviewWussup crew,

Hope you’re having a lovely week and are ready for the weekend.In this post we wanted to give you an idea of how we think people should approach learning how to sing. In it we’ll give a little Superior Singing Method review of our own.

For those of you who don’t know, the Superior Singing Method is an online singing lesson by California-based vocal coach Aaron Anastasi. He’s got a pretty spectacular program as far as we can see. And it’s helped hundreds of singers improve their voice, hit high notes without strain and improve their overall singing technique.

We first heard about the program after reading a review of Superior Singing Method at a different website called Deviant Noise. We read through their ideas and recommendations and then we decided to check out the program’s official website to learn more.

What we saw in terms of content was pretty amazing. There are some really good looking modules in this program. If you really want to learn how to sing better, then this is definitely a program worth looking into.

There are tons of singing lessons online but not a lot of them can hold up in a head-to-head comparison or review. There are just too many factors involved. Another great program that we’ve heard about before is called Singing Success. This program, although more expensive than Superior Singing Method, is also a good singing tutorial course.

That program is by a vocal coach named Brett Manning who has worked with a few notable artists over the years. However, there were some complaints about his techniques/methods causing problems with some of his more popular students. That’s why if you can’t afford online singing lessons then just use some of these singing exercises. They’ve also got a pretty cool singing cheat sheet you can download as well.

That’s why if you’re looking for training programs to help you sing online, Superior singing method is definitely a top contender. Don’t count it out until you learn more about it – despite the hype online. There are definitely some haters out there trying to push other products on you, but there’s a reason this one is so popular.

Definitely check it out for yourself before making any decisions. If you’ve got any questions about this stuff, leave us a comment and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

Thanks fam!

We’ll be back soon with some more great content for you!

Much love and Respect,

The Fucked Up Crew

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Awesome New Music Pages On Our Site

Hey team,

Wow it’s been a crazy week! We’ve been putting together some great content related to music and the brain and we wanted to share our latest works with you here!

If you’re interested in any of these various types of auditory elements in life, please do read more about them on the following pages.

If you have any questions of want us to discuss a topic we haven’t touched on here, let us know!

And without any further adieu here’s the newest pages on the site:

  1. Binaural Meditation
  2. Brainwave Music
  3. Isochronic Tones
  4. Subliminal MP3s


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Music Therapy Shown to Help Brain Injury

Music Therapy and the BrainIn more “music and the brain” news, recently a young girl with a brain injury in Georgia was treated with musical therapy. And the results were quite surprising.

A young 7 year old girl was in a devastating Christmas time car accident that led to a serious brain injury. She’s had many forms of therapy and 6 brain surgeries to help her recover.

But therapists are also using a non-traditional therapy to help the young girl recover from her injuries and treatments.

When awaking from a coma, the young girl – named Brianna – could not move at all including opening her eyes. So they focused at first on trying to get her eyes to open. They didn’t expect her to be able to move until days later.

But when they played her favorite song – Dance and Pop hit “Nae Nae” – something incredible happened. She raised her arm as if she was trying to dance. And this, the therapists, say is the power of music on the brain and body.

In fact the first mouthing of words little Brianna did was to her favorite song. Brianna was discharged from the hospital, and definitely has a long road on the way to recovery ahead, but this is an amazing leap forward, thanks for the healing power of Music.

Have you had any similar experiences to Brianna’a? How has music helped you in your life. Has if impacted your physical existence or your brain’s ability to work?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Hidden Messages in Kendrick’s New Album?

Kendrick Lamar Grammy PerformanceSubliminal messaging in music used to be a pretty hot topic back in the 70’s and 80’s. People thought that the most popular rock bands hid messages in their music that would control the listener’s mind.

A ton of people thought devil worship was being pushed in rock and roll when you played records backwards. Of course this was completely debunked and it was just coincidence that reversing a piece of music sounded demonic as hell.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden meanings in music that may affect your brain on a subconscious level. And of course the hidden meanings and messages that your subconscious mind completely misses out on because it has no frame of reference or context to put it in.

And then there are hidden messages in things other than music, but related.

Case in point – Kendrick Lamar’s latest grammy performance. The production was huge and very spectacular. And according to Billboard magazine, the rapper’s stylist shared some “insider” meanings to the performance itself.

For example, specific African tribes were referenced in the dance sequence when the “chain gang inmates” transformed to African dancers.

Unfortunately the performance is nowhere to be found to watch online (damn those DMCA notices), so it might be hard to watch the performance, but you could always read the Billboard Magazine article and learn about it yourself.

Did you think there were any hidden messages in the live act? Or do you think everything was pretty clear in the performance. Does it even matter?

Should Kendrick have made those “hidden” messages more plain in sight? Some may say yes, but look at the flack him and Beyonce have already gotten for their slight tip-of-the-hat to the struggles of their race.

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New Binaural Beats Headband Helps You Sleep at Night

Binaural Beats Head BandA new headband called the Sleep Shepherd claims to help you sleep better at night through the use of brain tracking technology and low frequency beats.

Some know these beats as binaural beats and they’re purported to help influence your brain’s activity while listening to them.

You wear the headband as you’re getting ready to sleep and the device which looks kind of comfortable, but maybe not, will play different frequencies through the binaural beats to help put you in a meditative state. This has apparently been proven to happen via these different beats.

Michael Larson is the inventor of the head band and the company is based in Colorado. And the inventor says it can help people who have trouble sleeping at night improve their z’s.

The device plays a couple of different low frequencies in each ear. This produces a perceived pulsing in the brain’s auditory system and can help affect the brain’s activity.

That effect is what actually is supposed to put the brain and rest of body into a “sleepy” state. The band can also monitor your sleep patterns and upload the data to an app that is additionally available.

The device costs about $159 and the company is currently looking to fund development further.

Binaural beats and the effect they have on the brain is not a new concept. The beats have been around in various forms for years and some people love them, while others say they don’t notice a difference.

But there is talk that there have been significant improvements in the area of audio brain wave manipulation and entertainment. How well this particular device works is yet to be seen.

If you’ve ever tried binaural beats or this particular product, let us know in the comments what your experience was. We’d love to hear from you.

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Music Literally Fuels Your Brain

The National Institutes for Health have conducted a study about how music affects the brain. But not just any type of musical experience. The study looked at how playing a musical instrument actually affects the maturation of the brain.

It turns out that playing an instrument physically changes the architecture of the brain itself. The area that’s particularly affected by playing and making music is called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. It leads to more development of good matter in the brain.

So what’s the big deal about the prefrontal cortex? Well it controls executive planning, organization, working memory, emotional regulation and focus.

So putting your kids in band, or getting them to learn the piano will help them become better overall at life. No wonder so many successful people have a love for playing musical instruments.

The study looked at MRIs of over 200 youth, but what’s to say it can’t also help adults and aged individuals with brain function?

This new study makes it absolutely clear that the dreaded “arts” programs in schools are not extras but complete necessities in a well-rounded education. There’s no question that learning music in early years at school will have a lasting postive impact on students worldwide.

While most schools in the west have cut education in these areas, places like Venezuela have let arts programs – specifically music related ones – flourish.

Music and The BrainI think it’s time we change the way we look at both public and private education. We’ve completely missed the mark in many areas, and it’s increasingly clear that music can have a huge impact on the brain.

If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance (like most of us in the West are) of not having any music programs at your childrens’ schools, don’t let that hinder your ability at providing them a truly full education.

Get them private lessons, or better yet, get them to learn with online music lessons.

There are ways to help save the arts, and the importance of art and creativity in intelligence, in your personal life. And then, maybe the idea will spread.

Now, go learn some music!

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